5 Thing To Do Before the Arrival Of Your Packers and Movers

5 Thing To Do Before the Arrival Of Your Packers and Movers
July 13,2020

After you have chosen the best packers and movers in India for your house relocation, you need to do certain things before they arrive at your home for the job.

Here are those.

  1. Get rid of useless items: It doesn’t make much sense to pay for items to be professionally packed and transported to a new house only to never use them again. Since the price you will pay for the job will largely depend on the total weight of your shipment, you should get rid of such unnecessary belongings before the packers and movers arrive at your door.
  2. Dispose the things that packers won’t pack: There are certain items that packers and movers in Coimbatore, Cuttack, Durgapur, Chennai,  or anywhere won’t move. These include hazardous items like corrosive, flammable and explosive materials; plants; and perishables like as fresh, refrigerated,or frozen, foods. So, donate those to someone who would need those before the packers and movers knock at your door.
  3. Inventory all your belongings: Come up with an itemized checklist detailing everything that will be packed up for the move. This will be of help in two different ways. The first, you can use the inventory to check that nothing is damaged or missing in the delivered items. And the second, in case of missing or damaged items in your delivered goods, you will be able to file an insurance claim with your insurer.
  4. Have a No-Pack Zone: Choose a room where you can keep all the things that will be moving with you to your new home. This should include your valuables, medicines, electronic devices, family heirlooms, important documents, etc. Inform your packers that it is a no-pack zone for them. It would be safe if you can put a “Do Not Pack” board hanging on its door.
  5. Prepare those survival kits: In the no-pack zone, pack up some survival kits in which you can have several important or even life-saving things handy. These include bottled water, non-perishable food, prescription medicine, towels, plastic kitchen utensils, bed sheets, essential tools, toiletries, favorite game or book, and spare clothes for each family member.

Ensure the above listed points before your packers and movers India arrive at your doorstep on the day of the move.

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