Top 5 Things To Do Before You Relocate

Top 5 Things To Do Before You Relocate
June 17,2020

Relocating your house involves a lot of things than merely booking packers and movers services in Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Indore or wherever you are. There are several things to do before the move. Here are the top five of those.

  1. Find your new home: The most important thing to do before relocating is to find a new home in your new destination. While looking for your new home for purchase, rent or lease, consider the important features you want in your new home (like spacious rooms, balconies, etc.), the location (distance to your child’s school and your workplace, neighborhood, local amenities, transportation facilities, etc.), and the monthly mortgage or rent.
  2. Dispose of your unnecessary belongings: It is pointless, expensive and difficult to pack and move each and every belonging of yours to your new house. So, sort out those belongings that you will be able to use in your new surroundings; and donate, sell or dispose of the rest.
  3. Decide on a moving date: Choose a moving date by taking into account your commitments, engagements, relevant circumstances (end of school year, start of a new job, etc.), and weather conditions. Remember that relocating during the peak season will cost you more than relocating during the less busy period of the year. Check with your packers and movers Agra, Patna or any other Indian city to know about this.
  4. Collect your important documents: Collect the papers and records you will need before, during and immediately after your move. These should include your property-related documents, financial documents, personal documents, school records, medical records, relocation-related paper work, etc. Make it a point to keep these with you all the time.
  5. Cancel subscriptions and disconnect utilities: One the day of the move, have the utilities in your current home disconnected by your service providers. Cancel your cable connection, home phone, newspaper service, internet connection, and local club membership. And arrange for gas, electricity and water supply in your new home to operate from your move-in day onward.

 These are the top five things you need to do before you relocate by yourself or with the help of renowned packers and movers in Ajmer, Anand, Siliguri or Ahmedabad. One more thing that you need to do is, informing your friends, neighbors, and folks of your move!

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