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Kumaravel Packers and Movers

Bharathiyar Road (last), jaihindpuram, Madurai-11, India
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Business Details

Kumaravel Packers and Movers are professional packing and moving services based in Madurai, India. They have been providing their services all over the country since 1987. Their principle of promoting their business is through creating satisfied customers. For, they believe that each satisfied customer is their loyal ambassador.

Kumaravel Packers and Movers provide a hassle-free shifting of homes and offices. They take that extra care to ensure that their customers’ valuable goods are protectively packed and safely transported to the right destination on time. Though their quality of packaging remains stable across different customers, the type of packaging differs according to the distance of the move. Thus, their end-to-end packaging and moving services are professional and flexible as per individual requirements.

The services of these packers and movers are scalable too. They can also be hired for transporting single furniture pieces and electronic goods from the place of purchase to the customer’s home. Thus, they also come of help when people need to transport minimal quantities of goods over short distances.

Kumaravel Packers and Movers also provide intelligent warehousing solutions. Their storage management system not only stores finished goods, but also carries out several inbound and outbound functions. These inbound functions include preparing goods for storage, ensuring security measures, and maintaining an environment which preserves the usefulness and integrity of the goods. And the outbound functions involve consolidating, packing and shipping orders.

Kumaravel Packers and Movers believe that they can serve their customers better and promote themselves only by investing in their employees, providing high quality transportation, adopting safe work procedures, investing in technology, and ensuring highest industry standards.

Several government organizations, banks, and insurance companies are the clients of Kumaravel Packers and Movers.

Service Offered

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Transportation
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Storage services
  • Escorts services
  • Insurance services



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Bharathiyar Road (last), jaihindpuram, Madurai-11, India

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