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A-310 Sayaji Market Nh.No.8, Opp. Sayajipura , Baroda, India
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Shyam logistics serve a wide range of services like packing and moving, office shifting, industrial relocation, vehicle transportation, express delivery, logistics services, full container services, local moving services, containers transportation, air cargo freight, handling an oversized cargo, international cargo services etc. With these many various services, you might know how huge the organization is and its reach is not only on a domestic scale but internationally too.

Relocation isn’t an easy task it requires patience and high expertise to plan the transit precisely for the safety of goods. They have a high range equipment’s to lift heavyweight objects, different set of boxes and packing it according to the good and destination so that goods are not damaged. Relocation services are provided over rural and urban areas and even international relocation of house, office, vehicle, transportation. At a higher scale they relocate industry which contains heavy metal body and machinery requires a high expert in this transit.

Shyam logistics provide express delivery which ensures fast delivery of the product. Logistics services like warehousing, inventory, stock, etc. This includes big size containers, full container services that usually transit through sea with all the precautions and safety of goods. They even deliver full containers to different location.

Air cargo freight is not an easy task to complete it requires a lot of determination and procedures to go through before the delivery of the product but can reach destination in no time across the border. Loading and unloading of cargos need precise measurement which has to be looked after all time.

Special cargo is used for different goods so that it doesn’t damage the product till it reaches its destination like seafood has to be stored in a container which is dry and full of ice. The container also has a cooling system so that they can manage the temperature in the container.

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A-310 Sayaji Market Nh.No.8, Opp. Sayajipura , Baroda, India

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