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August 14,2020

Relocation not only is time taking and laborious but also is a costly one. This blog from Moving India, a platform that unites people who need to relocate with the best packers and movers in Ahmedabad, tells you how you can cut short prices on relocation.

  1. Sell, donate or dump: Your house definitely is accommodating a lot of unnecessary items for a long time now for reasons you don’t even remember. It is time you get rid of those now as there is no point in carrying those along. And, giving away, selling or dumping these will reduce the relocation costs.
  2. Ask for assistance: In case you are relocating due to change of job, ask your new employer offers relocation assistance to cover the moving and resettlement costs. Today, several goods companies do this.
  3. Collect packing materials: You do not have packing materials handy. To reduce the packing costs with packers and movers in Mumbai, stack collecting heavy-duty boxes and segregated boxes from grocery stores and liquor stores respectively. You can source bubble wraps, old blankets and newspapers from friends and folks to serve as packing materials.
  4. Clean as you go: Do not leave the entire cleaning until the end. Whenever you finish packing an area, give it a good cleaning immediately. This way you can avoid hiring someone for cleaning after you have packed all your belongings and are dead tired. This will also ensure that your residence is immediately ready for renting out.
  5. Reach out to friends: If you have friends and folks along the travel route, stay at their homes during the night and start traveling during the day. This will save you a big deal of money on hotel lodging. While doing this, schedule wisely so that you have some time to hang out with your loved ones.
  6. Check out storage options: If you need to store your goods in a storage until you have your new home arranged, consider low-cost storage unit. It would be still cheaper if your trusted friends and folks can accommodate your belongings at their homes for a while. So, simply ask!

Now that you know some money-saving shortcuts for your relocation, go ahead and find reliable packers and movers in Pune.  

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