VManage is our exclusive service in which we just leave our customers with zero hassles of moving. You have to just share your contact number with us with us at and trust us for the rest of your relocation needs. Our executives will get back to you and understand your needs. We list down the requirement and identify the best in class vendors which are suitable for your specific requirements.


What We Do

If you have no time for the hassle of searching the movers and packers for your relocation needs, we will manage it all for you. We will identify the best and the most reliable movers and packers after thoroughly understanding your requirements. This service is exclusive and is tailor-made according to your relocation needs and requirements. Moving India is a platform where you can browse through our vast network comprising all the major packers and movers that provide you with the best and most professional relocation solutions and services.

Keeping honesty, transparency and quality as our benchmark, we shortlist and assign the most appropriate vendor for you. The biggest relief for you is Moving India as your prime contractor and single point of contact during the process.

How We Contact

We believe in knowing the pulse of our client. Hence, our initial contact is always a phone call to the number you provide while making your online enquiry. Subsequently, the mode of coordination could be chat or email if the client prefers them to have phone calls.

Tentatively, the following are the minimum contact-points during the transition:

  1. Ice-breaking call
  2. Requirement elicitation process
  3. Budgetary quotation
  4. Non-refundable advance towards consultation services
  5. Site-visit and survey by three shortlisted packer-and-mover
  6. Finalization of quality of packing for various items
  7. Formal quotation finalization
  8. Proforma Invoice and Advance Payment
  9. Full day remote coordination on the date of pick-up
  10. Full day remote coordination on the date of drop-off
  11. 15 days from the drop-off, we will contact you to fill our customer satisfaction survey form.

Click on “Contact Us” button to opt for Moving India’s VManage services.

How We Manage

VManage is a unique service offered by Moving India. This is when we act as an interface between you and the packers assigned for relocation. We follow this methodology -

  1. Requirement elicitation - We have the necessary forms and techniques to gather your comprehensive requirements
  2. Shortlist suitable packers and movers - At Moving India, we understand that all packers-and-movers are not the same. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your unique requirement - We shortlist packers-and-movers who are the best fit and finalise one of them for the job.
  3. On-site coordinator for direct coordination - Our VManage clients can choose to coordinate with Moving India throughout the transition period till the completion sign-off.
  4. Since we manage the end-to-end transition, your contract will be with us,, and we will provide sub-contract to the identified packers-and-movers. To put it simply, we deploy our expertise to bring great relief to you.

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